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Creating Persistent Links: Identifying Persistent Links

The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate how to create permanent links to Limestone University databases and articles.

Finding the Information You Need to Create a Link

  • Each database works a bit differently, with the information for the persistent link located in a different location every time


  • Some databases provide the persistent link directly in the article, such as EBSCO databases like Academic Search Complete


  • Some links must be "bookmarked", including Gale databases such as Academic OneFILE


  • Many databases include the "Document URL", listed at the bottom of the article such as Proquest's ABI/Inform Collection.  Be sure to add the proxy URL to the Document URL.


  • A few resources do require you to copy the displayed web address if no other method is provided, for example, Britannica Academic Edition database.


  • Science Direct works best when the article title is clicked and the link in the URL bar is used. Again, be sure to add the proxy URL.


  • Finally, some resources use a more complicated method explained below


More Sophisticated Linking

Some resources require a more complicated approach to creating persistent links.  Typically, these are scientific or medical resources, but exceptions may exist.  Examples include The Journal of Chemical Education.  These resources use what is called a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

What is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)?

Digital Object Identifiers work with a common prefix, similar to a proxy URL:

A DOI is a unique, registered link that will not change over time.  The benefit of a DOI link is that it tends to be far shorter than links found in resources such as EBSCO databases and other similar electronic resources.

Sample DOI

This is a DOI found in the Journal of Chemical Education: 10.1021/ed5001922

Here is how that number can be used to generate a persistent link:

  2. 10.1021/ed5001922

How Do I Check A DOI Number?

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