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Information for Tutors: Find Books & Media

Where to Direct Students for Books

Open bookStudents can find books from our Library through our One Search online catalog. Can't find what you need in our Library? Student can also find books and ebooks from other South Carolina colleges' libraries. Visit the PASCAL Delivers catalog to request books, which students can pick-up from the Limestone Library or from a participating library closer to them, and also download or read ebooks

EC Students Requesting Books

Students who are not taking classes at the Gaffney site are able to request print books they find in our library catalog. These books will be mailed to the student's address free of charge. (Return postage will be included)

For assistance, call the library at 864-488-4612 (800-795-7151, ext. 4612) or email

Students may also use the PASCAL Delivers service to obtain books that are not located in the Limestone University Library catalog. Click to learn more about PASCAL Delivers and PASCAL Pick Up Anywhere Services

If you are experiencing problems with our guides and databases, please contact ProfessorJanet S. Ward,, Assistant Director of the Library and Web Services Librarian.