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Library Services for Faculty

Learn about Library Services that are available for both on campus & extended campus Faculty.

Need help with research?

Do Your Students Need to Know How to:

  • Find sources, such as scholarly/peer-reviewed articles, on a particular topic?
  • Format citations?
  • Do research strategically?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions and other questions related to library research, you can request instruction sessions through the Library Instruction Request Form. For any questions regarding library research instruction for your class, please contact Justin Davis at

The following instruction services are available (**Please review the library's Covid-19 Policies guide for updated information) : 

Face-to-Face: Faculty can request an instruction session in the library conference room or classroom
Online (Webinar): Faculty can request an online instruction session. If you have internet access, a computer with speakers, projector and a screen, a librarian can present to your class from Gaffney. Links to archived webinars are also available on YouTube.
Course Embedded Librarian: Faculty can add a librarian as a teaching assistant to your Blackboard Learn class. The librarian can add links to library resources, host discussions on scholarly research and how to find information, email students about specific library resources relating to course assignments, answer questions, and more. An embedded librarian can assist faculty for the full course term, or provide targeted services at specific points during the course.
LibGuides: A librarian can create a class or subject specific LibGuide (library research guide) intended to help students discover a variety of sources relevant to their subject area. Example: SW 203 or Health Care Administration
Customized Tutorials/Instruction Videos: Contact the Information Literacy Librarian to request a specific video or series of videos for your class. Videos can include embedded quizzes if requested. The librarian will provide a link that can be uploaded in Blackboard Learn or placed in a course Library Guide for students to view as required
Research Consultation: Working with the course instructor, students are required to schedule a consultation with a librarian in advance. The librarian and student will review the assignment and discuss available resources. A library consult early on becomes an essential part of the research process, and provides maximum exposure to quality sources. By requiring the students to consult with the Librarian, the faculty member knows that students are receiving professional assistance

Please Note:

  • Library instruction, requested by faculty, is provided to aid the College community to acquire skills that promote life-long learning. Working with instructors, instruction sessions will be developed to provide students the necessary library information to succeed in the class.   
  • Sessions should be scheduled at least one week in advance to permit the librarian to make adequate preparation for instruction such as creating handouts and/or a web-based LibGuide for the class use.
  • The Instruction Librarian travels to all Limestone University sites each semester to give basic library instruction and is available for individual class instruction as well.

Student Learning Outcomes for Library & Information Literacy Instruction

Information literacy and library instruction at Limestone University adheres to the "Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education" developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). Our program emphasizes practical library skills (e.g., navigating the various databases) along with the broader concept of information literacy, by which students better understand to evaluate and choose appropriate sources for their course-related work and other information needs. 

The Six ACRL Information Frames & the Student Learning Outcomes Associated with them at Limestone University:

1. Authority is Constructed and Contextual - The instruction librarian introduces or reinforces the distinction between different types of sources (e.g. peer-reviewed scholarship, journalistic writing, scholarly/non-scholarly books, and internet sources) and their application to scholarly writing.

2. Information Creation is a Process - Students will learn to evaluate source types (e.g., by the publication type/source or the author's credentials) and determine which sources are appropriate for academic writing and research. 

3. Information Has Value - The instruction librarian will encourage students to think about the monetary and scholarly value of information, with an eye toward publication practices and access. Students will learn the basics of copyright law as it relates to accessing information from the library and the internet. Additionally, library instruction at all levels will reinforce the high ethical standards of academic conduct expected at Limestone University. 

4. Research as Inquiry - Library instruction, especially in upper-level courses, will aid students in developing search queries and strategies for their research projects or other coursework. Research and library instruction at Limestone is usually practical (i.e., oriented toward an assignment). However, time spent in the library for information literacy instruction encourages good information seeking habits for the benefit of lifelong learning. 

5. Scholarship as Conversation - The instruction librarian will ask students to think about their research in the context of an academic field and other scholarly writing. Student's will learn to evaluate sources within the appropriate context.

6. Searching as Strategic Exploration - Students will learn to think critically about the information they need or the research that is most germane to their own work. The instruction librarian will help students develop research questions and alternate research strategies to best meet their needs.

Tutorial List in YouTube

If you would like to browse all the Limestone University library tutorials in one location visit the AJ Eastwood Library YouTube page. The tutorials located here are organized by category. 

Each tutorial offers a link to share or embed the video. 

Information Literacy Librarian

Justin Davis, MA, MLIS

Information Literacy Librarian


Phone:  864-488-4450

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