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COVID-19 Library Policies: Faculty Resources

Library Instruction Services

Covid Library Instruction Policy

Library Instruction will be available throughout the semester either in-person or via online collaboration. Social distancing will limit the use of traditional methods.

Please email Justin Davis at for more information or to schedule a library session.

In-person Library Instruction Session

The usual model of library instruction for day students will be available on a reduced basis. Note that the library conference room will be limited in capacity to ten participants (eleven including the presenter). The previous model of distributing the library's laptop computers onto the conference room table will not be possible. Students should plan to use their own computers (see the note below on computer availability).

Virtual Library Instruction Session

Virtual library instruction has been in place for online and evening students since before the pandemic. Because of social distancing requirements, a virtual instruction meeting may also be appropriate for many day classes. A librarian is available to connect virtually to a course via the Canvas Collaboration tools or by a Zoom meeting. Please note that the library has a subscription Zoom account.

Types of Library Instruction

  1. Demonstration: The librarian will demonstrate the use of relevant library and other research materials. A demonstration may be brief (about ten minutes) or longer depending on the faculty member’s needs.
  2. Workshop: Most library sessions take the form of a workshop in which the demonstration of relevant resources is paired with a learning exercise. The workshop model is especially appropriate for courses that have a major research component.
  3. Asynchronous: The librarian is available for asynchronous instruction. Asynchronous instruction can take the form of individual or group meetings between the librarian and students. Social distancing will require that these meetings occur via an online platform (preferably the library’s Zoom account). Another option is for the librarian to create a video recording or tutorial for a course.
  4. Webinar: The librarian is available to host a live webinar either during class-time or asynchronously. To facilitate attendance, an asynchronous webinar may be offered more than once.

*All library instruction will encourage students to think about best practices regarding information literacy, with an emphasis on finding the most appropriate sources for the assignment at hand.

Availability of Computers

A limited number of laptop computers will be available in the library for student use. Students who own laptop computers should bring their personal computers to the library.


Library resources including our online databases, library guides and Ask A Librarian knowledge database continue to be available 24/7 from our library website: If you experience any issues with our electronic resources (databases, electronic books, journals, etc.) please contact our Web Services Librarian, Professor Janet Ward at or call 864-488-8351.

While the stacks are once again open to students, we encourage patrons to utilize the following process for requesting materials to help ensure the health and safety of everyone using the library. Please read the information below.

Borrowing from Limestone Library:

Borrowing from other libraries:


  • We continue to provide our embedded personal librarian service in Canvas.
  • Please contact Justin Davis at if you have any questions regarding scheduling such instructions, creating course guides, or if you would like more information.

If you are experiencing problems with our guides and databases, please contact ProfessorJanet S. Ward,, Assistant Director of the Library and Web Services Librarian.