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Business Resource Guide

ABI/Inform and Business Databases

The ABI/Inform collection and other databases provide business provide access to full text articles, including:

  • Peer-reviewed Publications
  • Newspapers (See ABI for the Wall Street Journal)
  • Company Reports
  • Consumer Product Reviews

Company Data

Databases that contain General information on Companies, Stocks, and Business Leaders:

  • Including raw data and company reports 
  • Official 10-k Reports 
  • Company Profile and Leadership Profiles

Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni, previously branded Lexis Nexis, is a powerful database that contains:

  • Newspapers from around the world
  • Extensive legal records and journals
  • Company information, including company profiles (Market Line)

US Securities and Exchange Commission (Documents)

Industry and Statistical Reports

What are Industry Codes?

What are industry classification codes? They are codes created by the US government used to collect industry-wide statistics. Many reference sources use them as a way to organize industry and company information. NAICS replaced SIC in 1997, but some sources use both, some still use SIC only

North American Industry Classification (NAICS)
Created by the Census Bureau in 1997, NAICS replaced the SIC. Each industry is assigned a unique number is a code used to identify and describe North American (US, Canada, and Mexico) industures. It is hierarchical and classifies each industry by broad group and then subdivides each into smaller, more specific classifications.

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
SIC system used to describe the structure of American industries. A hierarchical system, industries are organized into broad industry groups and then subdivided into smaller groups. Each industry carries a unique four-digit classification code ranging from 0100 to 9999. The SIC was replaced in 1997 with the North American Industrial Classification System but many sources still use the SIC.

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