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Academic Honesty & Plagiarism: Welcome

Contains Plagiarism Workshop and other plagiarism prevention information.

Purpose of this guide



This guide is designed to provide information on academic honesty and plagiarism. Across the top of the page you will notice the different tabs. Each tab contains information on specific areas of academic honesty and plagiarism.       

Plagiarism Workshop: This tab contains the Plagiarism Workshop video and training.  Quiz results can be sent to your instructor.

Academic Honesty: This tab contains information on what academic honesty is and why it is important.

Plagiarism @ Limestone College: This tab provides information for faculty and students about Limestone College's policy on plagiarism.

Resources: This tab provides information for further reading and help.


Vice President Joe Biden took himself out of the running for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination when it surfaced that he’d been caught plagiarizing in law school 23 years earlier.

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