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SW 204 Social Welfare Programs and Policy

A Library Research Guide for SW 204

Policy Gateways

Click on the links below to locate legislation and policy in an area of interest.

Child Welfare

Disability, Disability for Youth, Disability legislation amedments and process

Violence against Women

Low Income

New Deal

State Legislations (Governor's website)  (this link takes you to the National Governor's Assoc. Policy Positions page - under the 1996 revisions, welfare responsibility shifted to the states)

State Legislative Websites This database contains information gleaned from the home pages and websites of the fifty state legislatures, the District of Columbia and the Territories. You can select to view specific website content materials (such as, bills, press rooms, statutes) from all states, one state or a selected list of states.

Background Information

The National Journal

Get analysis of policies and legislation from the National Journal.

The National Journal is a leading bipartisan political journal.

Sample search: JN National Journal (this is already typed in for you) and welfare

The Legislation Process - How our laws are made

Search for Policy Issues


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