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ID 150 - Academic Inquiry Freshman Courses: How to Forward LC Email

Centralized course information for ID 150 and ID 201


How to Forward Your LC Email

Forwarding LC Email Instructions

Here are the steps to forwarding your Limestone College email to your personal email address:

1.      Login to your Limestone College email.

2.      Choose “Options” from the top right corner.

3.      Choose “See all options.”

4.      Choose “Organize E-Mail” from the choices on the left.

5.      Under “Inbox Rules,” click on “New…”

6.      From the first drop down, choose [Apply to all messages].

7.      From the second drop down, choose “Redirect the message to…”

8.      This will bring up a new screen. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll type in your personal email address in the To -> field.

9.      Now click on Ok at the bottom right of the screen. 

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