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U.S. Government


The Library of Congress "A Century of Lawmaking" has many historical Congressional Documents avaiable online including: 

American State papers

  • 38 Voumes, collected documents from the period 1775-1828. Assembled in several series with, Foreign Relations, Indian Affairs, Commerce and Navigation, Military Affairs, Naval Affairs, Finance and Public Lands.
  • Indexed by the CIS Congressional Serial Set Index
  • Also included in the Readex microprint set.
  • Online at the Library of Congress American Memory Project

United States Congressional Serial Set

  • Collections of Congressional Committee reports, reports from executive branch agencies and other materials that constitute a documentary history of the U.S. Congress.
  • The American State Papers and vol. 1 - 3346 (1775 - 1885) of the Serial State are contained in a Readex Microprint Collection. A special microprint reader is necessary to read it.
  • The library has most of the bound volumes from 1789 to the present, but some gaps exist.
  • Some volumes online at the Library of Congress American Memory Project
  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set Online

Congressional hearings, reports and other documents 1970 - present

  • Index and some full text at ProQuest Congressional
  • Most publications are available in the Government Publications section on the Lower Level. Many will have catalog records and many are available online at FDSys (

A Documentary History of the United States Constitution (S8.2: )

  • Letters, formal resolutions and other papers related to the U.S. Constitution. 1786-1870.

Congressional Record 1789 - present 

  • The official transcripts of the proceedings and floor activities of Congress.
  • previously titled, Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, and the Congressional Globe.
  • Up to the 43rd Congress (1874-75) online at the Library of Congress American Memory Project
  • Most volumes are available in print in the Gov Docs Collection
  • 1994 - present are at FDSys (

Public papers of the Presidents (AE 1.114: )

  • Speeches, papers, press releases and transcripts of press conferences.
  • Volumes for Presidents Hoover through Clinton (excluding Roosevelt) are under this call number. Volumes from pre-Hoover Presidents are included in volume 3265 of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set Online

Economic/Social/Demographic History

 Historical Census volumes in pdf format - original volumes in electronic  format. 1790 through Census 2000. Print volumes of 1790 through 1990 are available in the Government Documents Collection.

Statistical Abstracts of the United States - 1878 through 2010 in pdf format. Historical Statistics of the United States 1789-1945 is also avaiable here in pdf and Excel format.

Historical Census Data Browser - selected data from the 1790 through 1960 U.S. Censuses. User can create data maps and customized tables.

Susan B. Carter. Historical Statistics of the United States : Earliest Times to the Present. New York. Cambridge University Press. 2006. REF HA 202 H57 2006.

Statistics of Railways in the United States (ITC 1 ste 1: )

  • Annual report from 1902 - 1948.

Reports of the Immigration Commission (J 21.2: )

  • 41 volume report of a commission appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt that was published in 1911.
  • Statistics and analysis of the impact of immigrants on such things as the U.S. job market, schools, etc.

Reports of the Womens Bureau (L 36.103: )

  • Monthly reports from 1911 - 1958
  • Themes include jobs, salaries, working conditions, etc. of women and child workers

Survey of the Conditions of the Indians of the United States: Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate (microfilm)

  • Transcripts of hearings held between 1929 and 1944
  • Testimony concerning living conditions on all reservations in the country

Annual Report of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes 1895-1920 (microfilm)

  • Annual report to congress by a commission that investigated conditions of Native Americans
  • Microfilm Includes index of the 1895 - 1905 reports

Diplomatic History/Foreign Relations

National Security Archives - Georgetown University Collections of documents outlining U.S. Foreign Policy back to the Cold War

Foreign Relations of the United States (S 1.3: )

  • Very comprehensive collections of official papers (laws, treaties, executive orders), statements (speeches, press conferences, press releases), along with declassified private memos and correspondence.
  • University of Wisconsin Digital Collection - 1860 - 1960.
  • U.S. State Dept. - 1960 to latest available

The Emerging Nation: a Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States under the Articles of Confederation (AE 1.114/3:N 21)

  • Correspondence/papers of colonial leaders attempting to establish an international presence for the new nation. >

Kapplers Indian Affairs : Laws and Treaties (Y 4.In 2/2 : L44)

  • Seven volumes of treaties and other acts of Congress related to Indian policy.

Ratified Indian Treaties (microfilm)

  • Despite the title, this collection also includes unratified and "unperfected" treaties as well.

League of Nations Treaties (microfilm)

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements 1776-1949 (S 9.12/2: )

  • Arranged by Country.

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements 1949 - present (S 9.12: )

  • Arranged chronologically.

Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918 - 1945 (S 1.82: C/ vol. 1-13)

  • Official papers, correspondence of U.S. and European foreign affairs officials with Germany in the period between the World Wars.

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression : Office of the Chief Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality 1946 (W 1.2 : N 23)

  • Documents of the Nuremburg Trials.

Trials of War Criminals (D 102.8: )

  • Transcripts of testimony at some of the Nuremburg Trials >

Military History

Naval Documents of the American Revolution (D 207.12: )

Naval Documents Related to the United States Wars with the Barabary Powere 1805-1807 (W 45.1: )

Naval Documents Related to the Quasi-War between the United States and France 1797 - 1801 (W 45.5: )

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of Rebellion (W 45.5:

War of Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (W 45.5: )

Colonial/Territorial/Confederate Governments

A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Confederacy: Including Diplomatic Correspondence 1861 - 1865 (Serial Set Volume 3265)

  • Messages, papers, proclamations of Jefferson Davis.
  • Diplomatic correspondence of the Confederate Secretaries of State.
  • Biographical sketches of important Confederate officials.

Journals of the Continental Congress 1784 - 1786 (LC 4.5: )

  • Speeches, floor debates, and documents from the Continental Congress.

Letters of the Delegates to the Continental Congress (LC 1.34: )

Papers of the Continental Congress 1774 - 1789 (microfim)

  • Over 200 roles of microfilmed documents from the National Archives.
  • The index to this set is located on top of the microfilm cabinet.

Territorial Papers of the United States (S 1.36: )

  • Papers, correspondence from selected territorial governments.

Texas Diplomatic Correspondence (SI 4.1: 1907 and 1908)

  • Issued as the 1907 and 1908 Annual report of the American Historical Association.
  • Diplomatic Correspondence of the Dept. of State, Republic of Texas, 1835-1942.

Last Updated: January 10, 2008

microprint collections in Gov Pubs

Papers of the Continental Congress. 1774-1789. 204 rolls of microfilm. Five volume index is located on top of the cabinet.

Foreign Letters of the Continental Congress and the Dept. of State. 1785-90. 1 roll of microfilm.

Domestic Letters of the Dept. of State. 1784-1906. 2 rolls.

Records of the Dept. of State Relating to Internal Affairs in Germany. 1910-1929.

United States Statutes at Large vol. 5 to 55. 75 rolls.

Minutes of the U.S. Supreme Court. 1790-1950. 41 rolls.

League of Nations Treaty Series. 1920-1925. Vol. 1-205. 38 rolls.

Saionji-Harada Memoirs. pt. 1-8. March 1930-Nov. 1940. 3 rolls.

British House of Commons Papers.

  • Uganda Correspondence. 1892-1899.
  • Report of the Slave Trade Commissioners on African Settlement.
  • Report from the Select Committee on West Africa. 1842. 2 rolls.
  • Papers relative to the Expedtion to the Niger River. 1843.
  • Report on the West Coast of Africa. 1865.

Federal Mortality Census Schedule. Colorado 1870 and 1880. 2 rolls

1870 - 1930 Population Census Schedules for Colorado Counties. 116 rolls.

U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Miscellaneous Letters Sent by the Pueblo Indian Agency. 1874-1891. 10 rolls.

U.S. National Archives. Ratified Indian Treaties. 1894-1920. 1722-1869. 16 rolls.

Reports of the U.S. Superintendent for the Five Civilized Tribes. 1894-1920. 2 rolls.

U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Survey of the Condition of the Indians of the United States. 1929-1944. 9 rolls.

Mexican Archives. 42 rolls.

Assessment Lists. Internal revenue Dept. 1862-1866. 3 rolls.

Colorado Territorial Papers, Interior Dept. Letters received Relating to the Penitentiary at Canon City, 1861-1876. 3 rolls.

Colorado Territorial Papers. State Dept. 1859-1874. 1 roll.

Correspondence of the Office of Explorations and surveys Concerning Isaac Stevens' Survey of a Northern Route for the Pacific Railway. 1853-1861. 1 roll.

Postmasters Record of Appointmentments. Coloraod Counties. 1832-1971. 4 rolls.

Historic American Buildings Survey. Colorado. 1 roll.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. 1938-1974. 5 rolls.

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