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ID 201 Transition Success DAY: Title IX & Library Tutorials

This guide was developed for students enrolled in ID 201 DAY classes.

Required Resources - Searching for Information and Using Library Resources

Please view all the tutorials below. This information will help prepare you for future courses requiring research assignments and papers.

Selecting a Citation Style

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Additional Citation Help

The Limestone Library has an excellent Citation Guide you will want to view. The Citation guide provides an overview of citation styles and will help you with proper formatting for APA, MLA and Chicago Manual of Style. 

What is a citation?

A "citation" is the way you tell your readers that certain material in your work came from another source. It also gives your readers the information necessary to find that source again. This information includes:

  1. Information about the author(s) or editor(s)
  2. The title of the work
  3. The name and location of the company that published your copy of the source
  4. The date your copy was published
  5. The page numbers of the material you are referencing

Spacing Citations

Each citation style has specific rules for indentation and spacing within entries. The first line of each citation should start at the left margin and subsequent lines should be indented. Use the following guidelines when preparing your list of resources:

  • MLA: double-space the Works Cited page
  • APA: double-space the References page
  • Chicago: double-space the Bibliography page

Your list of citations should always be organized alphabetically. For more detailed information on formatting your essay and creating citations, refer to the published citation style guides.

SafeColleges (Title IX)

SafeColleges image

Citation: A (very) brief introduction

Ask A Librarian

This webpage has a list of Frequently Asked Questions students may find helpful: 

Ask A Librarian

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