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ID 201 Transition Success DAY: Financial Literacy

This guide was developed for students enrolled in ID 201 DAY classes.

Limestone University Honor Pledge

“Honesty in personal and academic matters is a cornerstone of life at Limestone University. Students are expected to achieve on their own merits and abilities, to exercise integrity in all their affairs, and to refrain absolutely from lying, cheating, and stealing.” (The Gaslight Student Handbook)

As a Limestone University student, I agree to refrain from academic misconduct, as defined in Section III of Limestone University’s Policies and Procedures for Academic Conduct in The Gaslight Student Handbook. I further understand that there are serious consequences for academic misconduct, outlined in Section VI of Limestone University’s Policies and Procedures for Academic Conduct.

Avoiding Plagiarism Video

Ask A Librarian

This webpage has a list of Frequently Asked Questions students may find helpful: 

Ask A Librarian

Financial Avenue (select the image to access)

Student Registration Guide: Inceptia_FinancialAvenue_StudentGuide2022_v4.pdf

Gradebook User Guide: Inceptia_Financial_Avenue_Gradebook_Guide_080422.pdf

Complete the following modules in Financial Avenue:

  1. Psychology of Money
  2. Foundations of Money
  3. Earning Money
  4. College and Money
  5. Spending and Borrowing

After each module completion, send your professor a screen shot of the completed modules (you may use your phone to take the screen shot).

Your Financial Success at Limestone

Professional Development - PathwayU

image of student studingPart of the reason you came to Limestone University was to prepare yourself for life beyond college. That’s why our Center for Professional Development is committed to providing an array of services to assist you wherever you are on your career path. Whether you’re seeking your first job or transitioning into a new field, we’re here to help.

Use of PathwayU helps you understand what you have to offer, examine what you may need to be satisfied in your career, and identify open positions that might be a match for you.

If you are experiencing problems with our guides and databases, please contact ProfessorJanet S. Ward,, Assistant Director of the Library and Web Services Librarian.