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Proquest ABI/Inform Collection

A guide to all aspects of ABI/INFORM Collection including content, searching, and viewing results on the ProQuest platform.

Basic Search Tips

Search across all of ABI/INFORM with the Basic Search. Boolean, proximity, and field codes are supported. The default is to search for ALL terms entered. Separate terms with OR to find any of the terms.  To search for an exact phrase, use "quotation marks" around your search.

When running a search, the search default is either set to All fields + text or All fields (no full text). All fields + text searches the full bibliographic record (all indexed fields) including the ProQuest full text. All fields (no full text) searches the full bibliographic record, but does NOT include a search of the ProQuest full text. If your ProQuest administrator has changed the default to search All fields (no full text) you will see a note above the search box stating this: You are searching: All fields except full text.

Full text, Peer reviewed, and Scholarly journals are limits that appear in the Basic Search. The visibility of these limits is determined by your ProQuest Administrator Module settings. Whether or not any of these are checked by default is also determined by your ProQuest Administrator Module settings.

Checking the Full text limit will restrict your search to only search and retrieve records containing full text from ProQuest.

Checking the Peer reviewed limit will restrict your search to only search and retrieve records that are indexed in peer reviewed journals. Peer reviewed journals are a subset of scholarly journals and are defined as journals that undergo a review process where other experts (peers) in the field review the work before it is published in the journal. Peer reviewed journals are also commonly known as refereed journals.

Checking the Scholarly journals limit will restrict your search to only search and retrieve records that are indexed in scholarly journals. Scholarly journals are journals that are intended for an academically oriented audience.


Basic Search

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