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Nursing Reference Guide

This guide contains nursing resources and information.

Research Help

Becoming an expert researcher requires a lot of practice and patience. Use some of the shortcuts on this guide to help you, including using the best database for your topic, and refining your search results. Use videos below to help you get acquainted with the library tools at your disposal.

The Ovid Nursing Database is one of the best tools for finding a quality, academic "peer-reviewed" articles on topics in nursing, both in regard to the science and practice of nursing. This video walks you through the basics of how to conduct a search in Ovid, including its ability to use natural language. As explained in the video, Ovid also allows you to find and use the photographs and videos (multimedia) cited in the journal articles. 

MeSH Searching

Learning Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) terminology will help you become a better researcher and professional. 

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