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Elementary Education Resources: Finding Articles & Journals

Library guide for elementary education majors.

Why Use Journal Articles?

Articles contain:

  • Up-to-date information
  • Research findings not available elsewhere
  • Specialized information
  • Opinions of experts in their field

Finding Journals

Search for journals using our One Search journal locator.  You can search by title, ISSN, or by category.

Alternative Search Options

When the exact title or word order is not known, try a search using the words of the title you do know.

For example, if you want to browse all Social Work Journals, type Social Work to retrieve a list of all journals with the words Social Work in the title. 

If you would like further assistance, please view the tutorial or Ask a Librarian for help.

Open Access Sources

Some education journals are freely available.  See below for some good websites to help locate these resources:

If you are experiencing problems with our guides and databases, please contact ProfessorJanet S. Ward,, Assistant Director of the Library and Web Services Librarian.