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BA 501 - Group Dynamics: Company Financials

Mergers and Acquisitions

(Borrowed from Babson College Finding Financials LibGuide)

Other Relevant Sites

(Borrowed from Auburn University Finance LibGuide)

Historical Financials

See the check box for "SEC Filings." Nexis Uni Academic contains the full-text of EDGAR filings from 1991 as well as annual and quarterly reports and proxy statements of more than 4,000 US companies, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission since 1987.

(Borrowed from Babson College Finding Financials LibGuide)


Find investment, stocks and other financial information  from company financials, ratios, etc.

Find investment and financial information.

View  How To Search S&P NetAdvantage

Find  stock analysis, key ratios, financials, and other investment information.

Search Tips for No Longer Available.

Tutorial for No Longer Available

Using Internet Explorer is recommended

Find information on:

  • Recent Market Analysis
  • Stock Quote
  • Industry Information

View Tutorial on how to search Hoover's.


 The Business section offers current business and industry news, company profiles, SEC filings, and a special section on Accounting journals and literature.

 (adapted from Susquehanna University's Business Bibliograhy LibGuide)



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