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SW 205 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I: Find Social Work Articles

Sample Searches

Try these sample searches:

cognitive theory and child development

psychoanalytic theory and human development

(add additional search terms such as "race", or "culture" or "ethnicity" or other relevant terms)

Other searches:

(child rearing or parenting) and (chinese-american or asian american) - substitute the ethnic group or culture of your choice

(psychological development or social development) and (culture of your choice such as native american or indians of north america, japanease-american, asian-american, etc) and (children or teenagers or youth)

(life cycle or life course) and (culture or ethnic group of your choice) and (children or youth)

Recommended Databases for Health & Medicine

Find Social/Current Issues Articles Here

Search Subject Specific Databases

Laptops, books, phone, pens, etc. on desk

Use these subject databases to narrow your search to specific fields, such as Criminal Justice, Education, Sociology, and Political Science. For complete list of databases, visit the Database Guide.

Find News Articles Here


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