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Education: Educational Technology & Media

A General Guide for Education Research.

Technology & Teaching

Recommended Journals

  • Journal of Research on Technology in Education coverJournal of Research on Technology in Education: Covers original research, system or project descriptions and evaluations, syntheses of the literature, assessments of the state of the art, and theoretical or conceptual positions that relate to educational computing.
  • Educational Media International: Covers current developments in educational & mass media, including educational technologies & open & distance learning.
  • Journal of Educational Technology Systems: Covers technology and education interface, the use of computers in educational systems and design and development of interactive computer-based systems.
  • TechTrends: Covers all aspects of new technology in education and training in schools, colleges and private industry for members of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Education Apps

Office of Educational Technology

Digital Theatre+ Videos

High School

Unlocked - The Unlocked series offers a range of short, accessible e-learning videos and written resources to strengthen understanding of a text or skill for English and Theatre.

Essential Greeks - Hosted by Fiona Macintosh, Professor of Classical Reception, Essential Greeks establishes the fundamentals of the form with Ann Ogbomo, April De Angelis, Juliet Gilkes Romero, Struan Leslie and Tom Littler.

At Home with Shakespeare - Ben Crystal explains how to evaluate creative choices and contexts when comparing two different adaptations of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

Middle School & Elementary

Discover, Explore, Assess - The Discover, Explore, Assess series includes teaching and learning materials to help develop knowledge and understanding of a given text, focusing on Before Watching, While Watching and After Watching productions on Digital Theatre+.

Spotlight On - Spotlight On is a series of short, accessible e-learning videos and written resources providing insight into key topics in theatre.

Suitcase Stories - In this theatrical storytelling series, two tales by Hans Christian Andersen are brought to life by a solo performer with only a suitcase full of props and a classroom as their stage.

How To - The How To series offers a range of short, easy-to-follow e-learning videos that show working theatre professionals demonstrating how to complete practical tasks.

(Student Teachers using DT+ in a school setting should visit - for training videos and resources applicable to teaching younger learners.)

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