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Welcome to the A.J. Eastwood Library

Library iPad & Laptop Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policies:

The library's circulating laptops and iPads should only be used for academic purposes. Inappropriate activities will not be tolerated. The patron:

  1. Shall Not view any unacceptable websites.
  2. Shall Not commit any other acts that would damage the laptop or iPad or violate the library's wireless access policies.

“Users will exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using these resources. Users will also refrain from using computing resources to view, print, or access in any manner, material that may be offensive to others."

"Limestone University will NOT be liable for the actions of anyone connecting to the Internet through the Internet on campus. All users assume full responsibility for their actions."

If you are experiencing problems with our guides, please contact Janet S. Ward,, Associate Professor and Web Services Librarian.