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ID 201 Transition Success Evening & Online Programs: Week Two: Setting Up for Success

This guide is designed to help transfer students make a successful transition to Limestone College.

Student Success - Our Mission

Mission and Goal of the Division of Student Success

The Division of Student Success seeks to empower students with the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary to achieve success in college and in life. We offer a number of programs and services to enhance the overall success of students at Limestone College and to support them in their goal of achieving a college degree. Our services are free for current Limestone students.

About TILT

The Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) at Limestone College is an interactive, web-based tutorial created by Credo Reference to provide basic research skills.  Content is presented in a fun way, using terms and jargon that appeal to the undergraduate.  The tutorial was adapted from the Texas Information Literacy Tutorial and has been modified for Limestone College students and is now referred to as TILT.  Although this tutorial does not teach tools specific to Limestone College's library, it is not intended to eliminate the use of library instruction.

Limestone College Honor Pledge

“Honesty in personal and academic matters is a cornerstone of life at Limestone College. Students are expected to achieve on their own merits and abilities, to exercise integrity in all their affairs, and to refrain absolutely from lying, cheating, and stealing.” (The Gaslight Student Handbook)

As a Limestone College student, I agree to refrain from academic misconduct, as defined in Section III of Limestone College’s Policies and Procedures for Academic Conduct in The Gaslight Student Handbook. I further understand that there are serious consequences for academic misconduct, outlined in Section VI of Limestone College’s Policies and Procedures for Academic Conduct.

Academic Integrity (University of West Florida)

Your Financial Success at Limestone


Assistance with writing your research papers, citations, bibliographies, and more!

Student Support

Stacey Mason
Dean of Student Success
Limestone College
1115 College Drive, Gaffney, SC 29340
(864) 425-3660  Schedule an appointment:

Financial Literacy - Psychology of Money

Avoiding Plagiarism Video

Plagiarism Workshop at Limestone College

Time Management Tips for Students

How to Take Great Notes

Ask A Librarian

This webpage has a list of Frequently Asked Questions students may find helpful: 

Ask A Librarian

If you are experiencing problems with our guides, please contact Janet S. Ward,, Associate Professor and Web Services Librarian.